Sunday, March 11, 2012


I told my boss that I have nightmares about work.  They are really about software development.  And they aren't scary the just get repetitive.  And they will come back even if I wake up.

So last night I was dreaming about refactoring code.  You know the "it works but would be better if it was different."  Now the catch was that I wasn't just refactoring code.  I was looking at code that was represented by a some form of '90s tile based RPG.  Loops were little jagged pixels on a tile.  Nested loops were easy to see because the tile was just to busy.

Things were just very abstract.  I would change one tile or set of tiles and others would shift.

One thing I like about power shell is the ability to update a function or run a selected block. And just keep changing minor things until I get it working the way it works.

But this is a bad thing to dream about.  Every time you fix something, you just find more things to fix.   This may not be too different from reality, but it can be haunting.